Jean-Pascal Roussat

Coach & Founder of FREE-TENNIS method

Hello, Jean-Pascal Roussat, Your Coach,

One of the precursors to online tennis-training, I created the brand 6 years ago.

This is where I aim to teach the technical motions belonging to that of the best players in the world. Backed by 5,400 paying subscribers, 245,000 newsletter subscribers, and 1,600,000 views on my Youtube channel, I decided 18 months ago to finally focus on live, on-court training.

To date, I have dispensed some 51 training sessions with a 97% filled-rate capacity, along with a satisfactory note of 4.7 out of 5. At the end of their training, 72% of the participants designated “REVELATION” as being the most suitable word to describe my program.

I have founded my teachings through deep observation alongside the analysis of the most correct mechanics belonging to that of the world’s top players.

Once I acquired “feel” in my own game, I established the proper educational tools that I would later teach my students.

As a result, I can safely say that I can teach you Federer’s forehand in 4hrs, Federer’s flat-backhand in 4hrs, Wawrinka’s topspin-backhand in 4hrs, and Karlovic’s or Venus William’s serve in 4hrs.

A few months ago, I established a program called COACH TRAINING. The goal of this program is to transmit my know-how to education professionals working in clubs, with leagues, federations, and academies.

At the end of the year, the PROFESSIONAL TRAINING program will focus on professional circuit players. Whether this means accompanying the player or the player and his/her team, the objective is to help evolve this player’s specific arsenal in order for him/her to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements dealing with the speed and control of modern tennis.